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/ 14 August 2017

Reaping the rewards of youth work in Southall

Nikkita Roberts at Thy Kingdom Come

Nikkita Robert is an apprentice youth worker in Southall and is on the second year of the Apprenticeship Scheme. As well as working with young people across the five Southall Group Churches, Nikkita is studying on the BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission at St Mellitus and will start on the third and final year of the scheme this September. Below she discusses some of her work.

Over the last two years, so much has happened here in Southall, where I work for the five Anglican churches, I have witnessed growth in a group of amazing young people, who are passionate about what they believe in, who speak up for those who need them and who love Jesus in a beautiful and unique way. As much as I would love to fill you in on everything that’s happened, which I’ll have you know there have been some amazing times, I’m going to focus on the last few months instead.

As many of you may have known or even heard about the Thy Kingdom Come event at St Paul’s Cathedral on 3 June, I had the privilege of watching one of my young people take the stage, stand in front of thousands of people and say the prayers that evening. What an amazing moment, not only in her life but for me and the others who were with her to witness it all. This young girl is filled with such wisdom, such courage and she demonstrated that when she boldly represented Southall. I believe that God is at work here in Southall, and I take comfort in the scripture verse of Philippians 2:13, which states:

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

On Saturday 8 July, geared with five young people and a co-leader, we set off to the Emirates Stadium for the JustOne event. Amazing. A day of worship, praise and encouragement in our faith ignited something in each of my young people, as they all stood to receive Jesus, I remember becoming emotional because of knowing the journey each one had been on to get to that place. We laughed, made memories and we even took full advantage of completing the crosswords and word searches in the JustOne program on the way home.

The ongoing highlight would also have to be our Friday Night Bible Study and Social, where we eat with one another, engage in great conversation, have a bible study, sometimes partake in group sing offs and play games – capture the flag has become our signature game! As we’ve journeyed through the bible together, it has been a joy to witness the children of God, discover more of who their Father is.

Finally, in late July this year I took thirteen of young people away on our first youth trip to Gaines Christian Youth Centre, in Worcester, and then I headed off on my second missions trip to Guatemala, with Latin Link on the 28 July. During this time, we were very pleased to make more memories, to play even more games and to witness the work of God in our lives over the summer!


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