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/ 19 February 2019

Solar panels enhance new roof at St Paul’s Marylebone

Inspecting and blessing the new solar panels and roof tiles.

St Paul’s Marylebone in Rossmore Road has taken a step towards a more sustainable future with new solar panels installed as part of a project to renew its roof.

St Paul’s is in community use seven days a week, in a diverse but poor area of North Marylebone. Improvements to the premises in recent years have also included new energy-efficient LED lighting.

“St Paul’s dates from the 1830s”, says administrator Martin Carr, “and since we needed a new roof to stop water leaking in, we decided, as part of our commitment to the environment, to add solar panels at the same time. We’ve also insulated all the new roofs to minimise heat loss.”

The Church’s Rector, the Revd Clare Dowding added:

“As we increase our community engagement, we want also to increase our responsibility towards the planet. We have recently joined the Eco Church scheme, and with our solar panels now coming online, we hope to gain a bronze award.”

Curate, the Revd Ali Mulroy agrees:

“Our Foodcycle meal, served free to the community on Wednesday evenings, is cooked by volunteers from donated food which would otherwise go to waste. To think that the kitchen now uses renewable energy generated on site really shows how much churches can do to care for the environment, while carrying out our mission.”

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