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/ 22 February 2019


As I write this, I realise that I’ve never actually thought of myself as an Ambassador of Christ until recently. I was brought up in the Christian faith and I’ve always thought of my faith as a personal journey. However, in the past 8 years of my life since my eldest son was born, I have grown so much more in the need to share my faith with others. After attending the Alpha Course last year, I feel that I have now truly opened the door to living in the power of the Holy Spirit and want to grow into the best version of myself with God working through me. I now feel so much more comfortable in expressing my faith and more openly to those around me at work and in my community.

I believe that my faith can be applied to how I live as an ambassador for Christ with family, at work and in my community. In my work as an engineer and I try to get involved in mentoring other women in Engineering in London. I am now also more involved in my church, helping at the Soup Kitchen and inviting friends to come and experience the joy that Jesus can bring into one’s life. I also coach under 6’s Rugby at my local club.

I feel that my eyes have been opened more to the fact that being a follower of Christ isn’t just about going to Church on Sundays. It is about bringing that uplifting joy that God gives me back out of the church and to people all around me. It truly is about spreading the word of Christ through my everyday actions.


Sharon is part of the congregation at St Stephen’s Ealing


What could you do in your community to share the love of Christ from Monday – Saturday?


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