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/ 27 November 2018

Share your experience of life as a Christian in the UK today

The inquiry into ‘Being a Christian in the UK Today’, led by the Christians in Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Group, seeks to explore the experience of Christians in the UK in 2018. In particular we are concerned with how living out Christian faith interacts with public institutions such as parliament, central and local government, and other professional and regulatory bodies.

The inquiry seeks to identify:

  1. Good governmental practices that help create an environment in the UK that is accommodating for living as a Christian.
  2. Practices and policies which could be introduced that would further help Christians as they live out their faith in the UK today.
  3. Areas where current action or lack of action makes the UK a challenging place for Christians living in accordance with their beliefs.

This consultation questionnaire provides an opportunity for Christians across the UK to share their views and experience. The questionnaire covers topics including the contribution Christians make to society, the freedoms Christians enjoy, and any barriers that might exist. We also want to hear examples of where Christians have experienced hostility because of their faith.

The consultation can be completely anonymous, if you are responding on behalf of a church or organisation you will have the choice to add your name if you so wish. If you are responding as an individual we will not ask for any identifying information.

Alongside this consultation we will also be holding evidence sessions to hear from experts who have experience of engaging with UK public institutions. This will include church representatives, academics and leaders of Christian organisations.

Respond via this weblink here.

The constulation is open until 16th December.

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