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/ 27 November 2017

Sent out to live and work to God’s praise and glory

Each Sunday, across the Diocese we send out thousands of people to “go in peace to love and serve the Lord, or go in the peace of Christ”.

Through Capital Vision 2020 we are committed to becoming more confident in speaking and living the gospel, and as part of this, to equipping and commissioning everyone as ambassadors for Christ in the places they spend their weeks.  To go in peace to love and serve the Lord, wherever that might be.

We’ve been challenged and inspired by the very different places in which our congregations are on mission every day, everywhere.  So, in 2018, as a Diocese, we want to commit ourselves to increasingly praying for those people and places, week by week.

Throughout 2018, on a Sunday, our Diocesan Cycle of prayer will include prayer for people working in a particular sector or in a particular phase of life.

Will you join me in praying each week for those in our churches who spend their weeks cleaning, working in retail or on our transport system, to those looking for work, or being carers?  These are Christ’s Ambassadors (2Cor 5.20), and it is our duty and our joy to pray for them week by week.

We’re encouraging every church to consider linking a This Time Tomorrow slot to the prayer for that week. So you can plan this ahead, the entire list is available as a separate document. Our social media channels will also feature blogs, articles and profiles relevant to the week’s prayers.  In 52 weeks, we won’t be able to include every possible frontline, so please do email the Capital Vision team if you have suggestions for future months.  The prayers are also accessible as a weekly feed via the PrayerMate app.

To find out more about ambassadors, order resources and read stories from around the Diocese, please visit Ambassadors Website.

Thank you for our partnership in our prayerful ambition, and I pray for you as together we build a more confident Church of Jesus Christ in London, as the Spirit of God directs.



About Rob Wickham

Robert Wickham became Bishop of Edmonton in September 2015. He is responsible for the four north London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield and Haringey. Bishop Rob is also lead bishop for ALMA, our partnership with the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique.

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