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/ 21 March 2013

Riverside at St Jude’s

Leadership is one of those words that can sometimes carry unhelpful connotations. As I wrote before last year’s Study Summit:

“We are called to be bishops, priests, deacons, ministers of the living Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, not managers of an institution and its outlets. We come as wounded healers to offer the love of God, not as dynamic leaders who know how to manipulate for growth.”

It is with such an understanding that we have put together this new programme drawing upon the expertise and diversity which is so evident in our Diocese. This year’s team includes the Bishop of Kensington, The Dean of St Paul’s, The Archdeacons of Hackney and Hampstead, the Dean of St Mellitus as well as our Diocesan Director of Ministry, Neil Evans, the Stepney Director of Training and Development, Irena Edgcumbe and Andy Brookes, our General Secretary.

Just as we know that as servants of Jesus Christ it is essential to follow his example in nurturing our spiritual life, so too for the sake of those whom we serve, we must strive to present ourselves before God “as one approved by him, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly explaining the word of truth.” (2 Tim II:15)

Continuing Ministerial Development is the outworking of that commitment which we made when we first responded to the call of God: to embrace a life of study and reflection, to develop the necessary skills to fulfil our ministry, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, to conform our life to the life of Christ.

As I look to the exciting challenges that the coming years will surely bring, I commend this course to you as time well spent, in the company of fellow workers, equipping yourself the better to serve the Gospel. Full information together with how to apply for a place, visit www.london.anglican.org/riverside.

I am praying that this programme will not only be a fresh impetus to mission and ministry, but will also encourage us to be diligent in our prayers and our study and the development of our gifts.

About Richard Chartres

The Rt Revd Richard Chartres KCVO was the 132nd Bishop of London from November 1995 until March 2017.

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