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/ 16 February 2017

The Richard Chartres Fund for London – A vision for London

Candlemas Farewell Eucharist

Since Richard Chartres was appointed as the Bishop of London in 1995, London has experienced huge change. From the digital revolution and the use of mobile phones which changed how we live, work and pray, to the changes in our skyline, with developments like Canary Wharf that transformed a desolate docklands into a global financial hub – the city we live in today is a very different place in comparison with how it was when Bishop Richard took the helm. He has led the Church through good times and bad, from the Royal Wedding to the atrocities of 7/7, from stock market highs to catastrophic lows. And while part of what makes us human is our ability to innovate, adapt and change as the world changes around us, it remains comforting that through all of this God is eternal and unchanging. While Bishop Richard and his resonant voice of truth will be deeply missed, God’s vision for London continues and we continue to build his Kingdom in this city.

It feels fitting and entirely appropriate that in thanksgiving for the Bishop’s 21 years of service, we are launching the Richard Chartres Fund for London, with the aim of ensuring London is a city with a flourishing church at the heart of every community. We want to achieve our ambitious Capital Vision 2020 objectives and provide the funds for more youth workers, youth apprentices, to launch 100 new worshipping communities, to inspire more prayer in our city and improve the RE curriculum that is taught in schools across the Diocese. Beyond that, we want to provide communities with buildings that are fit for purpose and re-open churches that currently stand closed or in need of repair. With London’s population set to increase by 1,000,000 people over the next ten years, never has there been a greater need for this work.

We are already investing £1.4m of our own funds in this vision and we are seeking your support to match this funding. Beyond our initial £1.4m target we know that there is far more to be done as we look at the challenges our parishes face in their communities with housing, hidden poverty, cuts to local services and much more. But we must start from where we are and look with confidence to what is coming, thankful for the firm foundations that the Bishop of London has established.

You can give today at this link, or contact Sarah Webster in our fundraising team to discuss how your support could make a difference. I encourage you to view and share the film where Joanna Lumley shares the vision for the Richard Chartres Fund for London. Join us, as partners in the gospel, so that we can build strong communities, transform lives and maintain a constant and significant presence for Jesus Christ across our great city for generations to come.

About Pete Broadbent

Pete Broadbent is the Bishop of Willesden and Acting Bishop of London. He is member of the Church of England's General Synod and oversees the national Simplification process under the Renewal and Reform programme within the Church of England.

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