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/ 13 October 2011

Report from Diocesan Synod October 2011

The London Diocesan Synod met tonight to debate the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure, which was referred to the dioceses by the General Synod last September.

Following a constructive debate which saw a number of contributors speaking from differing viewpoints, the Synod voted against the legislation.

The next stage is that, if a majority of diocesan synods approve the draft legislation, it returns to the General Synod for the debate on the final approval of the Measure. The results of the voting in the Diocesan Synods from around the country are reported to General Synod at this stage.

The Measure will require a 2/3 majority in all three Houses (Bishops, Clergy and Laity) of General Synod at the final approval stage.

If approved, the legislation would then go to Parliament for consideration by the Ecclesiastical Committee and each House of Parliament.

The voting figures in the Diocesan Synod debate were:

Votes forVotes againstAbstentions
House of Bishops210
House of Clergy39410
House of Laity45370

The approval of the Diocesan Synod depends upon the motion being carried in the Houses of Clergy and Laity.


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