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/ 20 March 2018


Rebecca is a Chinese-born Singaporean, currently in her third year of the BA Fine Art course at Slade School of Art, UCL. After her studies, she will be returning to Singapore to serve her bond as an art teacher. Rebecca became a Christian in London three years ago and she says her church has “played such a vital role in my walk with God so far”

For Rebecca, being an ambassador of Christ is a massive privilege. “It means that God approves of me through Christ’s blood to represent him on earth. Hence, it reminds me that I should be honoured to have the opportunity to share the gospel with non-believers instead of being embarrassed, reluctant or awkward about it. It also means that I need to fully trust in the reality of God’s kingdom and my higher citizenship in heaven!”

There are many challenges of being a Christian in her world “I am challenged to love my neighbours around me in the studio as there is a very individualistic culture. I am learning to be persistently praying and always looking out for opportunities to know them, serve them and share the gospel with them”

For Rebecca living for Jesus in daily life involves striving to look at everything through the lens of eternity and not shutting him out of any aspect of it. ”When I see all kinds of different trees bursting with new leaves and flowers along the road in spring, I admire and praise God for his brilliant designs and handiwork, enjoying the amazing sight thankfully. Essentially, living for Jesus in my daily life means erasing the secular and sacred divide in my life, and to have his priorities as my priorities.”



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Lawrence is the Creative Lead for Ambassadors, which is a Capital Vision 2020 project aimed to equip people more effectively to live and speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

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