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/ 18 December 2018

Policing for Christ

I moved into policing in 2009 after 26 years in the catering industry. My first six and a half years was in territorial policing and in 2016, I progressed into Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection where I currently work as a Met Police firearms officer.

My experience of policing London brought me into close and personal touch with people and communities. London embraces a vast diverse society with differing cultures, traditions and religions beliefs. Being an ambassador for Christ at work is a challenging feat, but it’s at the forefront of my working day. Lets just say, ‘I have my Christian hat placed firmly on top of my police hat!” I have witnessed devastating situations and dysfunctional lives, people lost and destitute. It’s very difficult not to dehumanise individuals for the crimes they’ve committed and sadly, this is often the case with many police officers that don’t have Jesus in their lives.

I’ve prayed, comforted, supported and encouraged fellow colleagues, victims and offenders in reaching out to Jesus. This has been met with tears, joy, hope, anger, frustration and sometimes ridicule. It is what it is and Jesus pre-warned us that that this would be the case. I simply ask the Lord each day to pick me up, dust me down, clothe me in His armour and send me out. Each day is a new opportunity. However, I must hold my hands up and confess, I sometimes coward away from doing all the above, but I’m a work in progress still after all these years.

I pray every day that Jesus would protect and direct my decision-making as He is the only one who can give me the courage to honour Him, share the truth about Him and how that truth transforms lives. I am so thankful for the way He always sustains me and my family and that He will never abandon us.


Milton Charalambous


How could you be an ambassador for Christ on your own frontline?

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