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/ 25 January 2021

Nativity Treasure Hunt in West London

St Matthew’s Church in Yiewsley put on their thinking caps this Christmas and created an inspiring outdoor event to keep the Christmas spirit alive for the whole community .

A team led by St Matthew’s Youth Apprentice, Anna-Claire Kibbin, organised a Nativity Treasure Hunt. Local residents were invited to create scenes from the Nativity story all over Yiewsley –  in their front gardens, windows and on balconies. A fantastic group of 13, beautifully curated scenes were created telling the story of Jesus’ birth. In the run-up to Christmas, local families visited each of the scenes, answering a quiz along the way.  The Nativity Treasure Hunt ended back at St Matthew’s Church where, at the heart of a magical Christmas grotto, was a wonderful treasure chest built by the church caretaker.  Armed with the answers to the quiz, families found a code that unlocked the chest and revealed the treasure – a huge pile of chocolate coins!

We were delighted that the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr Teji Barnes, joined in with the fun and filmed herself doing the Treasure Hunt for her Youtube channel. This brought a collective joy to so many of us.

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