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/ 28 March 2018


Melissa is 62 and is an ambassador from Christchurch Southgate. She is involved at church, helping with the flower team, cleaning the church, and sometimes the charity work – preparing the breakfast as part of the Winter Shelter. She also helps out at other churches in Earls Court working with Age Concern, to give people afternoon tea.

She was born into the Orthodox faith but felt something was missing. She talks about her experience when she came to England and visited a church near her home in the St Pancras area:

“I immediately liked the service; the priest and the way everything was happening. I liked the choirs singing and the people who got up the read the bible. I liked the way the Holy Communion was done and when the service finished, everyone stayed back for a chat and a coffee – very friendly people!”

Melissa finds coming to church relaxing, that it fills her with strength for the week, and when something bad happens, she turns to prayer and finds help from God.

She writes: “Does God come first in your life? If so stop what you are doing and share this with the people you care about. Just do it with faith!”

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