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/ 21 July 2020

Making Disciples

Making Disciples by Rev Cris Rogers is an assessment tool to be used by any church, small group or individual interested in elevating the conversation around discipleship and spiritual formation. Discipleship and spiritual formation is the surrendering of all things to the love and will of God.


Making Disciples breaks it down into three areas – loving God with our heads, hearts, and hands.



Making Disciples has been designed as a diagnostic tool to help us explore the whole of our lives through these three areas. Taking the assessment tool will allow you to personally explore your discipleship shape. To follow this up get a copy of Making Disciples workbook from the website and walk through an apprenticeship process of surrender and new life.




For more information please visit the website wearemakingdisciples.com or contact the Making Disciples team at questions@nullwearemakingdisciples.com

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