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/ 21 May 2019

Living as an Ambassador for Christ – Jasmin’s Story

Retired midwife Jasmine meets the Bishop of London

What does it look like to live as an Ambassador for Christ every day of the week?

We recently produced a short film about Jasmin, a retired midwife from Edmonton who spoke with Bishop Sarah about their experiences of living for Christ in the workplace, sometimes in challenging situations.

This inspiring film has been produced as a free resource for churches in the London diocese to share with their congregations and we have suggested below a few ways that it could be used in your own church.

Sunday services

  • ‘This Time Tomorrow’ slot – This can take place as a short section in your Sunday service where the film is presented, followed by an interview with a member of the congregation about where they will be on Monday morning/during the week and how they live out their faith in those settings. The rest of the congregation can be encouraged to ask each other the same question.
  • You could also show the film at the beginning of your service as a thought-provoking tool to link to the sermon.

Small Groups

  • The film can be played as a conversation starter in a small group setting as a tool to inspire and challenge the group. Download some small group notes here.

Email/Social media

  • You could share the film with your congregation via a weekly notice email.
  • Sharing this video online can be a great way to help congregations think for themselves about their whole lives as Ambassadors for Christ.

Download the film here

Did you know that we have many discipleship resources available to you for free on our new Ambassadors website including articles, service materials, sermons, testimonies and videos: Click here to find out more.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch: Ambassadors@nulllondon.anglican.org

The Ambassadors Team


Small Group Resource - Jasmin's Story (pdf)  Download  

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