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/ 20 February 2017

Lent Prayer Journey for Ambassadors

Lent Prayer Journey

“Jesus doesn’t call his ambassadors to a static faith but to a dynamic life of growth fuelled by learning, fellowship, communion and prayer.”

This year during Lent, in order to help our ambassadors pray, we are launching our Lent Prayer Journey. With six weekly themes, from ‘The Ambassador’s Context’ to ‘The Ambassador’s Call,’ we will be journeying through some daily ideas to encourage ambassadors representing Christ day-to-day to engage in prayer.

Each day will feature a scripture, a short thought, and some actions in response – prayer, reflection, praise. We’ll be prompting people to pray through our Ambassadors social media accounts, sharing short input from each daily thought.

The journey is structured in such a way that it starts off by inviting you to consider your own call and context, and then moves on to help you to explore what it might look like for you to represent Christ in the world.

We’ll be launching the prayer journey online on Monday 6th March, but there is freedom to sign up at any point during Lent. It will be available through email, and you can sign-up here to receive the content each day. You will also be able to follow the prayer journey in online.

We are making a prayer feed available on PrayerMate (a free app for iOS and Android designed to help you pray more faithfully and more widely), we’ve also been working with PrayerMate to give people new and innovative ways to Pray for Seven.

Make sure you follow our Ambassadors social media accounts to be kept in the loop with links to each day of the journey. You can find us on Twitter using the handle @ambassadors2020 and on our Facebook feed.

About Gemma Scharnowski

Gemma is the Capital Vision 2020 Assistant at the Diocese of London; she is also a musical and visual artist and is part of the Creatives Network.

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