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/ 17 November 2021

Diocese of London Lent Appeal 2020: Thank you

Following the unprecedented devastation of two Cyclones in Mozambique in 2019 (Cyclone Idai in central Mozambique and Cyclone Kenneth, the first ever in Northern Mozambique), coupled with severe drought in Southern Angola, our 2020 Diocese of London Lent Appeal focused on helping our partner dioceses respond to these emergencies. The extreme weather was caused by climate change. The UN declared Mozambique, with its long Indian Ocean coastline, the second most vulnerable country to climate change in Africa.

The Diocese of London 2020 Lent Appeal:  Wheels for Climate Emergencies

The 2020 Lent Appeal raised £52,000, which was supplemented by some ALMA General funds and a restricted donation for Angola, to enable our partner dioceses to purchase second-hand trucks.

The four purchased trucks help the church respond to such emergencies, because reaching remote affected areas, with minimal public transport infrastructure, is very difficult.


Funds were sent to partner dioceses in April 2021 and it is a joy to share what the 2020 Lent Appeal has enabled:

  • immediate aid with daily essentials -clothing, bedding, water containers and purification kits, pots, crockery, mosquito nets, sanitary kits, tarpaulins,
  • assistance with seeds, tools, watering cans to plant new harvests
  • transporting building materials such as concrete, sand, wood, roof trusses and roofing sheets for reconstruction
  • Covid-19 supply kit for churches and Internally Displaced People camps

Bishop Manuel Ernesto, Bishop of Nampula writes:

“Friends, God has done more than we were dreaming about”

Bishop Carlos Matsinhe, Bishop of Lebombo and Presiding Bishop of IAMA says:

“We are so happy about the truck. We blessed it yesterday and send our thanks to the donors”

The collage below shows the Nampula Team using their truck to deliver food to the Internally Displaced Peoples’ camp in Chiure, Cabo Delgado, and to transport construction materials for the church school in Chiure, destroyed in Cyclone Kenneth in 2019, and now being rebuilt with assistance from Teddington parish and school.

Bishop Rob Wickham, London’s Bishop for ALMA, reflects:

“COP26 remind us of the reality of climate change. Such change is felt very acutely in Mozambique and Angola. I’m therefore delighted by the success of the Diocese of London’s Lent Appeal in 2020, which will enable the Church to respond quicker, and more effectively when the recurring adverse climate events take place. We also continue, with our sisters and brothers, to tackle the cause of climate change, which demands action from us all.”

The ALMA team in London thank you so much for your generosity. These trucks are a tangible sign of hope and take with them on each journey, not only the goods within, but the prayers that undergird our partnership.

The Diocese of London aims to be a leader in the field of environmental concern and action. Part of the diocesan 2030 Vision is the caring for God’s creation.

About ALMA

Since 1998 the Diocese of London has been linked with the Anglican churches in two African countries. For more information about ALMA (Angola London Mozambique Association) please click here. 

ALMA Morning prayer is held every Wednesday via the ALMA YouTube channel. You can also follow @ALMALondonD on Facebook and Twitter

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