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/ 12 September 2013

Keeping prayer in fashion

Do you know anyone involved in the world of Fashion? Do you know a designer, model or, stylist? Or how about a shop owner or shop assistant? Do you know the challenges they face in their industry – particularly if they are a Christian? If you have ever bought an item of clothing, you are part of the mega industry that is Fashion, and aware of its influence in the world.

The eyes of the fashion world will be centred on London this weekend. London Fashion Week starts this Friday and runs to Tuesday 17 September. An estimated 800,000 people are employed in the fashion industry in the UK and the industry is worth a massive £21 billion. This industry is hugely influential in London, employing many and influencing lives, particularly in the younger generation. This is just one of many creative industries for which London is a centre. As part of Capital Vision 2020 we are seeking to engage more deeply with creative arts; fashion is just one example of where the church is already engaging.

Fashion for Christ (F4C) started with a few members from Holy Trinity Brompton four years ago, and has now grown to several hundred, with members from churches all over London and the globe. Using social media networks, linking people together and regular postings have been an encouragement to many. This weekend they will gather in the heart of London Fashion Week to pray for the industry, as they have done for the last few seasons.

I would love as many churches as possible to join us in praying for the fashion industry on Sunday 15 September, particularly praying for those members of your congregations who work or study in fashion.

Particular areas for prayer are:

  • To bring the love of Jesus Christ into an industry that so desperately needs Him
  • For all those in our churches who work or study in the fashion industry
  • For Fashion for Christ and its leaders as they seek to support and encourage Christians in this industry
  • Fashion has a huge influence on personal choices and lifestyles across our city. Pray that this influence will be a positive and life enhancing one; that our congregations will acknowledge the industry’s presence, engage with it, and draw on all that it has to offer.

This was written by Christina Abbot, from Fashion for Christ.

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