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/ 11 November 2019

Keeping on going as Ambassadors for Christ


How can churches help people to keep on going as Ambassadors of Christ when they are faced with difficulties and disappointments, the pressures of life or sheer busyness in London today? It is so easy to get discouraged and allow the flame of the Spirit within us to be dimmed. What then can be done?

The good news is that we are not alone! Above all we have Christ’s promise to be with us always and his gift of the Holy Spirit. In addition we are part of the communion of saints: through our baptism we are part of a Christian community—a community in which we show Christ’s love for one another; learn from one another; encourage one another; worship, witness and work together, each making his or her own contribution to the building up of God’s kingdom. We can support and encourage on another to keep on going and not lose heart.

One very fruitful way of doing this lies at the heart of the Cursillo movement, which began in the Catholic Church in Spain 70 years ago and has spread around the world and into the Anglican and other churches. Church members meet together regularly with two or three others who are also seeking to be effective Ambassadors for Christ. Using a simple format based on a Benedictine model of prayer, study and action, they share their stories about how they live out their discipleship.

A simple format for this based on the Cursillo model is available as a resource in the form of a small card called ‘Ambassadors for Christ Encouraging One Another’. We have been using a brief version of this at the start of our PCC meetings for the past four years. If you would like free copies please get in touch using the contact form on the Ambassadors page.


Rev’d Michael Bolley, Holy Trinity Southall


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