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/ 23 January 2019


My first experience of the work of Street Pastors was a few years ago when Frank invited me to go on a patrol with him on a Friday night from 10pm until 3am the following morning. I knew Frank well as he was in my home bible study group and naturally I wanted to support him. A youth had recently been stabbed in Enfield and that evening we patrolled the park where it had happened.It was a few years later, when I had retired from full time work that I managed to complete the Street Pastor Course. This was intense and required a commitment of ten Saturdays from 9am-3pm.

After this I went on two Supervised patrols as a Street Pastor. On that night there were six of us in the team and we split up, patrolling on both sides of the road. We always kept in sight of each other especially when either were engaged in conversations with the public. We would inform them that we are voluntary Christians here to listen, care and help. On that occasion we had a young enthusiastic female pastor who has a gift of sharing the love of Christ by hugging the needy people. If conversation led to a need then we would offer to pray with them. We also carry bottles of water, lollipops, flip-flops and foil blankets should any body need them. We will also refer anybody sleeping rough if they wanted to temporary sheltered beds and a meal. If hungry we would also offer to buy them fast food.

We also chat with local late-night shop keepers, pub, bar night club security staff, mini cab and transport station staff. Our aim to build up good relations in the community and help each other. Our aim is, in essence to bring the love of Christ to people on the streets.

Why not come out with us as our guest trainee pastor and see how you can make a difference on our streets for Christ?


Kalpesh is a member of the congregation at Christ Church Cockfosters.

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