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/ 7 April 2017

Joint meeting of London and Southwark Company of Servers

Company of Servers London Chapter meeting with Southwark Servers

This week, on the first of April, the Company of Servers London Chapter held the first joint meeting with its fellows from the Southwark Diocese, at which new companions were admitted. Both chapters came together to learn from each other and network, creating new friendships in partnership across the River Thames.

The special joint meeting was organised by London Chapter Chaplain, the Revd Matthew Catterick, in his church of St Saviours Pimlico, with the Southwark Chaplain, Fr Geoffrey Thompson, of St Stephen’s Thornton Heath.

The meeting was held to gain a deeper understanding of serving before the altar of God, and how the company members see themselves as evangelists, worshippers and companions.

Formed in 2009, the Company of Servers sought to offer an understanding of the interpretation of worship and liturgy—teaching the meaning of what servers do and encouraging development both practically and spiritually.

The ministry of servers is a quiet one and often goes unnoticed, but it makes an enormous contribution to worship, whether in a tiny suburban church or a great cathedral. The Company of Servers hopes to raise not only an understanding of the hows and whys of serving but also encourage those who serve already to continue and feel valued.

Through awareness raising of the ministry of those who serve at the altar, it is hoped that others will begin to explore this essential role in the service of God and his Church.

The attendees at the special meeting heard from the Revd Edward Barlow, Curate at St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Bedford Park, who addressed the gathering on vestments and their significance. In an illuminating presentation, the turnout heard, with interactive displays, about correct modes of dress and their biblical significance. In a world, where symbols hold great meaning, such as flags, logos and labels, so too, do Christian modes of dress and how they are applied to our worship.

Through demonstrating the meaning of ministerial garments such as maniples and stoles, amices and albs, to tunicles and chasubles, not to mention a selection of headgear, Fr Edward invited servers to consider the spiritual side of the vestments as an important part of their liturgical preparation.

After which, Fr Matthew Catterick then celebrated the Eucharist with Fr Edward and with the flock who were present.

The next joint meeting with the Southwark Companions is the Company’s Summer Social, which will be held at St Saviour’s Pimlico, on 21 June 2017. It will be preceded by Evensong and Benediction from 6.30pm, and Bishop Edward Holland, Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Dioceses of London and Europe, will be in attendance.

All who serve in churches are welcome to join. See online for further details of the Company of Servers’ Chapter meetings or email the London Chapter Secretary Fiona Andrews.

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Matthew Hall was the diocesan Communications Assistant, before going on to become a Franciscan Friar with the Society of St Francis. Matthew seeks to protect the environment. He adores hiking and being outdoor in the country or by the sea in nearly all weather. He dreams of hiking to Rome and Jerusalem.

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