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/ 20 April 2016

The Parish Communications Network

Photographing the church

Communicating to your parish can be daunting. If you run a church website, social media pages, are a magazine editor or having difficulty creating film and sound content, your options can feel overwhelming when publicising events or news to your church. Sometimes you know exactly what to say, but you’re unsure about how to get the message out there.

You are not alone! In every parish in the Diocese, there are people in the same boat, who are unsure about media operations. Here’s where the Parish Communications Network can help. This informal network is made up of clerical and lay communicators who have varying skills to communicate the church’s message to the wider world.

The aim of the network is to support you, with group meetings and information on better marketing, leading media issues, design concerns or media channels that get your events and stories out to people in your parish. Through networking, events and periodic newsletters, we can help you find a range of solutions to your problem. If we can’t, then we can utilise our established portfolio of contacts, pointing you to people in the media and marketing world who can.

Joining is free and easy with a very brief sign-up form. You will receive updates on events and essential tools for any skilled media operator. Alternatively, feel free to contact Matthew Hall, from the Diocesan Communications Team for more information. If you know someone in your parish who might benefit from joining, then please pass this on to them.

About Communications

The diocesan communications team provides support to the network of clergy, churches, parishes and other worshipping communities that comprises the Diocese of London, as well as to the staff teams of the London Diocesan Fund.

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