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/ 28 March 2018


James is studying science and maths in sixth form at school, and is part of the church family at Christ Church Kensington. He is a keen musician, studying violin at Saturday music college and organ/piano at school. He also loves chess, table tennis and watching the Olympics!

James was commissioned earlier this year as an ambassador at his confirmation service. He says: “God’s word teaches that all Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ, so this commissioning encourages me to live out what God has called us to be.”

“At school, ideas and worldviews are always being challenged and so being an ambassador for Christ means being prepared to speak out, to think through the implications of what I believe and being prepared to give a Christian answer to the issues life throws at us. Not being an ambassador would mean just going with the flow and failing to live my life distinctively in the light of all that God has done for me now and into eternity.

To do this means daily time reading God’s word and in prayer, so that I live in response to his mercy, not to earn his approval.”

He also believes that Christian fellowship is vital, both amongst peers and in learning from those who have been going as Christians for so much longer. “This is quite counter cultural, as so much of modern society is about what the young think, not what we can learn from those further along the path.”

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