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/ 12 December 2014

Iraq at Christmas: a report

At the request of Archbishop Justin, last week Bishop Geoffrey Rowell, former Bishop in Europe, and Canon William Taylor, Vicar of St John Notting Hill, went to Iraq in a gesture of solidarity from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England as well as from the Diocese of London.

The visit arose directly out of a day the Archbishop hosted at Lambeth Palace in September, at which I was present, for representatives of Christian communities from the Middle East, especially those from Iraq and Syria in their current critical situation.

All of these churches have significant communities here in London, so the presence of someone from the Diocese of London was important at that meeting and in last week’s follow up visit to Iraq.

This is a very moving report and I encourage you to read it at this season when soon we will be hearing of the Holy Family fleeing for safety to Egypt as they fear for their lives.

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