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/ 15 November 2021

Identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage

The Church of England is currently carrying out the most extensive research by any church into identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

How can I get involved?

A set of resources – Living in Love and Faith (LLF)– has been designed to enable conversations and learning. The resources explore what the Bible, theology, history and the social and biological sciences have to say, and tell the real-life stories of followers of Christ with diverse experiences and convictions.

You can begin your own learning journey through the resources. They include:

  • a five-session video-based course
  • podcasts
  • films
  • a book

How can I share my learning, insights and experience with the wider Church?

2021 (and early 2022) is a period of church-wide learning and engagement, after which there will be recommendations made for the future life and mission of the Church

When you have engaged with the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) course together with others, please share your experiences and learning by completing the survey. You can also use the course materials as an individual and feed back your views, so long as you have worked through the whole five sessions of the course.

Talking to others about these sensitive topics makes me nervous

The resources are to be used within the guidance set by the Pastoral Principles which were developed as an important part of the process to encourage everyone to examine attitudes that can be roadblocks to learning together, and to loving and trusting one another. The Pastoral Principles are:

  • addressing ignorance
  • paying attention to power
  • casting out fear
  • acknowledging prejudice
  • speaking into silence
  • admitting hypocrisy

When is the deadline for feedback?

The deadline for feedback into the national conversation has been extended to April 2022 (though the LLF resources will still be available after that date).

Visit the LLF hub to view the resources

The Diocese of London are supporting churches to run LLF courses – please visit this page to find out more. 

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