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/ 20 March 2018


Although Ian’s family hail from Yorkshire, he considers himself a true Londoner. He grew up in a loving and strongly Christian family and finds that his approach to life is deeply rooted in that experience. Ian always had an interest in mathematics, numbers and systems, so followed a career in accountancy. Ian has worked for many years as a trust manager for a firm of Chartered Accountants in central London.

Being an ambassador to Ian means living at a heightened awareness of the Christian faith and how it should inform the way in which we deal with everyone and every situation in which I may find myself. “My manner, my approach with people, both clients and colleagues, even when under pressure should reflect my commitment to God and the love of Christ. I also

think it is a privilege to be able to pray for colleagues and bring any difficulties they may be experiencing to Christ, to hold, heal or resolve.”

Being a Christian has daily challenges “I think, particularly in the financial world, people have to recognise you as a person of integrity, who will always seek to do what is right.”

For Ian, living out his faith in daily life means committing all that he does to his greater glory. “For me that means being aware that I should be ‘Christ-like’ with at work, with my friends, or social club and with my family. That isn’t always easy, particularly, when there are competing demands, different people needing your help and attention and each feeling that their need is the most important.”

Key to a busy life for him is a good prayer routine. It helps me reflect on the key times I may need God’s help the most. Then I can trust that He will help me through what needs to be done.


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