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/ 30 March 2021

Hoxton church launches ‘Garden of Lament’

Garden of lament chalk board

St John’s Church, Hoxton, has launched a Garden of Lament to help people process the past extraordinary year.

Although the Covid-19 vaccines has led the government to detail a timeline out of the current lockdown, many members of the Hoxton community are still reeling from the sudden and unexpected loss of lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, loss of freedom, and the way of life as we knew it.

The all-age Garden of Lament runs from 29 March to 11 April and provides three stations for members of the community to express their grief, sorrow, reflections, anger, or thoughts. It is for everyone: people of faith and none.

The Revd Caroline Taylor, St John’s Church Curate, said:

“This year has been so tough for so many reasons. We’ve lost so many and missed out on so much, and naturally our hearts hurt because of it all. Here at St John’s, we recognise that we all need a place to face our feelings. That’s why we would love to invite people to come and take part in the Garden of Lament at St John’s Hoxton. It is going to be a really special place to start to process all the loss we’ve suffered.”

All the stations are Covid-secure. The three Garden of Lament stations are:

Wailing wall

We believe story telling is a powerful tool for healing and after the pain of the last year, we invite people to share their stories of 2020 by taking a piece of chalk to share their thoughts, feelings, names and prayers on this wall.

Prayer Stones

We have all lost someone or something in the last year. When many of us are just trying to survive, pausing to grieve can feel like a luxury. So, we’re inviting people to take a moment to remember or reflect on what’s been lost using a prayer stone.

Take a stone to represent a loss. When you’re ready, drop your stone into the water. You might want to take a moment as you release the stone to ask God to surround that person or situation with his love.

Raw Ribbons

Take a ribbon and tie it to the church railings. Each ribbon represents a prayer, with different colours for different emotions – anger, sadness, fear and hope. Use the prayers provided or your own words.

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