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How to Share Christ with our Co-Workers in Lockdown


We have an opportunity as ambassadors for Christ in these extraordinary times to show the love of God to our co-workers who don’t know Him. The great thing is we don’t even have to move from our various home-made work stations to make a difference to someone’s life right now. Many churches across the diocese of London have launched regular seeker-friendly online services and courses that we can invite other to join so it has never been easier for us to share Christ. Here are a few simple ways you could show the love of God to your colleagues in lockdown:


1/ Pray for opportunities to show God’s love and grace each day – The Holy Spirit is powerfully at work in our nation at this time and we are hearing many encouraging stories of God at work across London. God is able to do this in your own work context too if you ask Him.


2/ Check in with colleagues and ask them how they are – We all appreciate being asked this question and it is a great way to show love to our neighbours in a work-setting.


3/ Provide a listening ear to their problems – Fostering and building relationships are not only good in and of themselves but can open the door for deeper conversations about life and faith.


4/ Take the time to do something special for them – This could be as big as offering to help with a piece of work if you have the extra time available or simple as sending them some encouragement in a message or mail.


5/ Ask if they would like prayer – Many more people in the UK have become interested in prayer than before the pandemic and may be looking for prayer support so (as long as it is appropriate) we can be there personally to support them in prayer.


We may not get it right every time of course and may not feel fully equipped all the time but we can be confident of God’s power in our weaknesses. He is powerfully at work in the hearts of those many Londoners looking for answers to life’s big questions right now. All we need to do is to ask God to work through us in our every day work settings and step out in faith…while sat at our desks!


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