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/ 20 February 2019


As a student, finding the courage to share my faith with my friends and classmates has taken a long time. Throughout my first year, I spent my time making friends, exploring my new city and enjoying the freedom of living away from home. Fast forward to second year and I found my 19 year old self recovering from my first real heart break. I was the lowest I’ve felt in a long time and I was completely stuck in a pit, losing touch with friends and distancing myself from going back to my family home. I’d Also been kicked out of the band that I loved being a part of, and my mental health was secretly declining. Having walked past church almost every day in my first year but never going in, I decided (with the encouragement of some friends) to try the Alpha course.

Since Alpha, my life has changed in so many ways. I enjoy talking to my friends about my faith and about how God pulled me out of the pit. But most importantly, God has filled me with the kind of happiness and love that I never received elsewhere, and that I had spent so long looking for.

My friends have told me that they’ve seen a huge change in me. I’m happier, more confident and I have a completely new outlook on life. I started telling my friends about church and when I renewed my baptism vows five of my non – Christian friends came to support me!

Another way that I have shared my faith with my peers is by posting regularly on social media about my journey with God and about how even in my darkest times He has always provided. Because of this I’ve received messages asking me more questions, especially from people asking me how they can be happy too. My life is far from perfect even now but every day I wake up and invite God’s perfect love into my heart. I am a true example of how God loves us even when we don’t return that love.

How could you share with friends the ways that God has transformed your own life?

Holly is a member of the congregation at St Stephen’s Ealing

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