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/ 17 April 2019

Help for Anglican clergy and their families in times of need

The Clergy Support Trust helps clergy who are experiencing financial difficulties, or struggling with the challenges of ministry life. www.clergysupport.org.uk

The charity now known as Clergy Support Trust (formerly Sons & Friends of the Clergy) is in fact an amalgamation over time of six Anglican clergy support organisations. The charity dates back to 1655 when a group of sons of clergymen gathered for a service in St Paul’s Cathedral and a collection was taken for destitute clergy and their families. The Festival Service has continued each year since then and is now in its 365th year. It is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the work of the charity, which is to provide assistance to Anglican clergy and their families in times of need.

The Festival Service in May provides an occasion for bringing together representatives from the Church, City, commerce, public life and supporters of the trust.

The 365th Festival Service will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 5pm (arrive by 4:30pm for security).

This year’s preacher will be the Dean of Gloucester, the Very Reverend Stephen Lake, and the Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral will be joined by the choirs of the Cathedrals of Canterbury and Coventry. The event is free to attend but a ticket is needed.

Book your ticket here: https://www.clergysupport.org.uk/festival-2019


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