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/ 13 September 2016

Giving for Life: Continuing the Journey

Effective financial practices to create growth

Some years ago the Finance team provided every parish with a copy of the “Giving for Life” materials that were produced by the National Stewardship Committee. These leaflets proposed various good practices and provided a checklist of actions that PCCs could take promoting good stewardship, and to ensure as St Paul suggests, to ‘excel in this grace of giving’. Many parishes will have recently received a hard copy of the stewardship resources, which, again, have been produced by the same Church of England team (and are below).

These resources are designed to support a 20 to 30-minute discussion at a PCC meeting, and follow on from the original “Giving for Life” report. A recent survey of over 1,100 UK-wide parishes has shown a high level of adoption of those original good practices, which include using Parish Buying System, claiming Gift Aid, thanking donors for their efforts. These are simple but effective measures that not only reduces the time PCC needs to spend discussing fundraising and stewardship matters but also better serves our regular givers.

The survey also reveals that almost every parish could benefit from taking further action by implementing some of the steps outlined in the checklist or by holding a short discussion with your PCC. For more information, you can contact one of your Area Finance Advisers, Theresa Moses, Kevin Ogilvie, or Mary Spredbury, whose details are on the Diocesan Staff contacts list.


Giving For Life Continuing the Journey  Download  


Giving For Life Continuing the Journey PCC Sheet  Download  

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