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/ 7 April 2020

Funerals during the pandemic

Information and guidance for clergy can be found here.

If you would like a Church of England Funeral in the Diocese of London following the death of a loved one please email funerals@nulllondon.anglican.org

A Church Near You will give you information about your nearest Church of England church. Please do be in touch with them following the death of a loved one.

Information on bereavement can be found on the Church of England Website.

Memorial Services. A particularly distressing feature of our present situation is that very few mourners are able to be present at a funeral, and even close family and friends may find themselves limited to a livestream from the crematorium.  And, of course, there is no opportunity for them to gather afterwards for the sharing of memories and for mutual support. At a later date, it may be possible to organise a Service of Thanksgiving in church for the life of a loved one, with tributes, readings, hymns and music. Please do be in touch with your local parish church in due course to see what might be arranged.

The Church of England have published a reflection for people who cannot attend a funeral.

On their website, you will also find a place where you can light a virtual candle  in memory of a loved one.

At a loss website has help on dealing with bereavement and grief during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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