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/ 18 June 2021

Fundraising Update for Summer 2021

Fundraising update for summer 2021

In the past, Grant and Trust fundraising has been seen by many of those seeking project funding as a bit of a ‘golden bullet’ – send off a couple of applications and sit back and watch the money flood in……….

Despite this popular belief, this really is not so!

At a recent webinar by the Institute of Fundraising (of which I am a member), it was revealed that the success rate of grant funding applications during the Coronavirus pandemic has dropped from 1 in 10 to 1 in 12, making this fundraising stream even more competitive than it used to be.

The key to running a successful fundraising appeal is to have a well thought through fundraising strategy that combines a variety of funding streams to achieve the money needed.

As sending applications to grant-makers, will probably be included in your plan – a few top tips to remember:

  • Even if you have applied to a particular grantmaker before, make sure you fully research the funding guidelines to see if your project still fits their requirements. Very important in light of the change’s funders have made in light of C-19.

Although some funders are returning to their pre-pandemic grant criteria, many are continuing to provide C-19 recovery awards to help build resilience and sustainability.

  • Spend time developing an excellent Case for Support detailing the problem faced and why and how you intend to solve it.
  • If you have the opportunity to phone a grantmaker before starting on your application, do so. This not only brings your organisation/project to the funder’s attention but gives you a chance to check whether your project really does actually fit with the funding guidelines and find out if there is anything special that the funder would like to know.

Grant and Trust fundraising is not rocket science. It can take a goodly amount of time to craft an application but careful research, a great Case for Support and a well-written funding application that answers the questions asked, in the order that they are asked, may just help shine a light on your work so it stands out amongst the others!

If you’d like to know more about some of the points touched on above, you may find our series of 2020 Church Grant webinars helpful. Click here and then scroll down to view the following sessions:

  1. Planning a Capital project
  2. Writing a Case for Support
  3. Raising money from Trusts and Foundations
  4. Writing a Grant Application

As mentioned in last month’s Money Matters, Gifts in Wills is another funding stream that needs serious consideration whilst planning and developing any fundraising strategy

Click here to find out more about introducing a legacy strategy or register to attend our 29 June webinar  – Why legacies – when the CEO of the Institute of Legacy Management, Matthew Lagden, will be explaining further why every parish should be doing this!

Grant funding:

National Churches Trust

A quick reminder that the closing date for applications to the next round of the Cornerstone Grant Programme is midnight on 5 July 2021.

Offering grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 towards the cost of major urgent structural repair projects costed at more than £100,000 including VAT (*grants of £40,000 to £50,000 are extremely limited and reserved for cases which demonstrate a very high case for investment) the National Churches Trust will also consider projects costed at more than £30,000 (including VAT) that introduce kitchens and accessible toilets to enable increased community use in the building.

Any grants made will never exceed 50% of the project cost.

Church Grants

Parishes looking for grant-makers to fund their projects should head towards Church Grants, a searchable grant funding database, which is available to use free of charge for all parishes in the Diocese of London.

To access the database click London.churchgrants.co.ukEnter the unique 4-digit parish reference number (xxxx) and then click the church/parish name from the drop-down menu. You can use this search engine as many times as you want to identify prospective grant funders for your projects.


Church Grant 20 Minute Master Class Webinars

As detailed above, the next Church Grants webinar: Why legacies are on 29 June at 11am is Please register here to join the session.

Anyone wishing to catch up with previous 2021 fundraising webinars can do so here.

A quick reminder about the dates and themes of the rest of our Church Grants webinars for 2021:

27 July                              The Major Donor Approach

28 September                   Church Grants Kickstarter Approach

26 October                        Ask the Experts – Panel Discussion

30 November                    What next? Looking ahead to 2022.

In addition to these Church Grants webinars, Chloe Ewen, the Grants Manager for London from All Churches Trust will be hosting the first of our ‘Meet the Funders’ sessions at 2pm on 16 September 2021. More information will follow but please do ‘Save the Date’ in your diary if you are interested in attending this.

Information, Advice and Guidance about fundraising is available from the @fundmychurch team via email to parishfundraisingsupport@nulllondon.anglican.org

About Carol Ward

Carol Ward was the Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London. She retired in November 2021.

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