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/ 15 October 2018

Every Day Everywhere

‘Every Day Everywhere’ is a great new resource for children aged 7-11 helping them to think about the things they do every day, and how they might relate to serving God.

Our Capital Vision commitment to commission 100,000 ambassadors for Christ is not just for adults — being an ambassador is something that is for all of our church communities.

Children can make a difference in so many ways by living as an ambassador for Christ, and this resource will help them discover this for themselves at school, with friends or at an activity club.

Every Day Everywhere mirrors Right Where You Are, a booklet to help adults think about their faith in the context of everyday life.

The new booklet contains real-life stories of ambassadors in London — children like Seth, who told his friend David that he liked church because there was singing and biscuits, and convinced David’s family to come along.

The Bible is full of stories of God using children to change the world (usually because the adults weren’t listening to God), so it’s fitting that this resource asks how they could live as an ambassador for Christ today, in their schools, in their homes, with their friends and in all the other places they hang out.

The Children and Youth Team have also been working on additional resources for use with Every Day Everywhere in Sunday schools, all-age services and school assemblies. You can download them from the Ambassadors website.

Order your free copies of Every Day Everywhere (for Diocese of London parishes) here

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