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/ 29 October 2020

Energy footprint tool leads surge in environmental action

The Diocese of London is showing the way in tackling climate change through the efficient management of property and buildings.

Over 4,500 churches nationwide (28%) have used the new national Energy Footprint Tool (EFT), launched this year.  In the Diocese of London, the figure is 255 churches (53%).

This is a tremendous effort by our churches, especially in view of the period of lockdown, among all the burdens parishes and churches are shouldering during the pandemic.

The Diocese of London was instrumental in setting up the new tool, which made use of experience in this Diocese with recording our energy use since 2005, as part of Annual Parish Returns.

After time needed for analysis, we look forward to publishing our results for 2019 (the year reported on in 2020).  The number to beat is 19.5% energy savings, and 21.7% savings in CO2 (since 2005) – which were our results for 2018. In due course we’ll see how we got on in comparison with those figures.

EFT is just one of many actions we’ve taken during 2020 to help care for the environment which is God’s Creation.  Here are some more:

  • At its meeting on March 12th, Diocesan Synod passed a new Diocesan Environmental Policy, ‘affirming and adopting’ the motion of General Synod a month before, setting a new target for the whole Church of England of Net Zero Carbon by 2030;
  • Since then we have been developing a strategy for working towards that target, in collaboration with colleagues in the central Church of England. This has included contributing to a major consultation on what and how to measure in each and every diocese;
  • DECs (Display Energy Certificates) have been gathered for all our schools, and these are also in process of being analysed;
  • More than 72 churches so far in the Diocese have signed up to Eco Church so far, of which at least 27 have gained awards;
  • Even in this difficult year, at least 50 of our churches have been involved in discussions on a variety of environment-related plans, projects and initiatives around their church and their premises and churchyards.

On our webpage about the environment, you can read more stories about caring for God’s creation in the Diocese of London.

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