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/ 6 May 2021

Energy Footprint Tool 2021 open for churches’ 2020 data

Energy Footprint Tool for churches

The national Church of England Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) first launched last year, is now open for 2021, so churches can enter their energy use from 2020. Your entries can be made at Church of England Annual Parish Returns

EFT is part of the national Annual Parish Returns. 4,700 churches around the country took part in the first year, 2020. 4,300 provided complete figures from the previous year, 2019. Half of London churches took part, including 195 with complete figures.

This showed that compared to our base year of 2005, by 2019 churches in the Diocese had achieved:

  • 19.2% savings in annual energy use, 20.9% net of renewable energy
  • 27.1% savings in carbon dioxide (CO2e) emissions, 29.2% net of renewable energy.

So, 2019 was far and away our best year so far!  A major step towards our target of net-zero by 2030, and contribution towards our duty to help limit climate change, and care for God’s Creation.

Data in Annual Returns always relates to the previous year. So data from 2020 (the whole year) needs to be entered in 2021.

Of course, 2020 was affected by lengthy closures due to Covid. That should have reduced churches’ energy use substantially. The system will report the actual energy and resulting carbon emissions. The total for the Diocese should be way down on 2019. At the same time, a calculation is built into the system, so the A-G bands assigned to show the efficiency of your church will be adjusted to enable sensible comparison with the previous year and future years.

Make sure you enter data for all the church and hall buildings. The system allows you to enter the church first, then other building(s) with separate bills.

One of the great benefits of EFT is that once you’ve entered your data and clicked to confirm, it will issue with an immediate report and results.

For the first time, it can also be used to report any offsetting, as well as renewable energy. You’ll still get a net carbon footprint associated with your actual energy use, but you can report offsetting on top of that, including offsetting by your utility suppliers.

As before, the CoE portal for Annual Returns is at Church of England Annual Parish Returns

You should be aiming to be making your entries by end of July 2021.

Helpful information and notes are provided on the Church of England website.

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