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/ 5 January 2018

Cycle of prayer: join us in praying for Christians: ‘right where we are’

In 2018 the Diocese is asking churches to set aside time on Sundays to pray for Christians, ‘right where we are’.

Through Capital Vision 2020 the Diocese is committed to equipping every Christian in London to be an ambassador for Jesus in their day-to-day lives.

This year, our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer will include prayer every Sunday for people working in a given sector or phase of life.

For instance, on the fourth Sunday in January we will be praying for those representing for Christ on the railway or underground networks.

People like Remmie, who works in one of the city’s busiest tube stations.

Faced with almost 8,000 passengers pouring into and out of the station daily, Remmie has a great opportunity to be an ambassador for the gospel. He says:

“When I do my job I put God first and He directs me what to do and say to all my customers.
“Being an ambassador means remembering that people see your faith through the way you live your life.”

The Cycle of Prayer is the list of pre-written prayers and topics which the Diocese sends out to churches to help guide their prayers each week.

This year we want to prayerfully support those, all, congregation members who are on a mission every day, everywhere, to witness to Jesus.

In doing so we are exploring the importance of ‘whole life discipleship’ – the truth that Christians are called to share Jesus in every area of life – as championed by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity’s Imagine Project, Ambassadors and the national church’s Setting God’s People Free.

Our vision is that, through steadfast prayer and the equipping power of the Holy Spirit, our church may go out confidently to live and speak for Jesus wherever it is we spend our weeks.

The Cycle will kick off on the first Sunday in January with this prayer for carers:

We are encouraging every church to join us in this year-long commitment. Access the Cycle of Prayer below and talk to your Vicar about setting aside time for pray for these causes on Sunday.

Each week we will be tweeting and sharing stories, like Remmie (above)’s or Obed’s, from ambassadors in each of the 52 walks of life on the cycle.

To find out more, or to share your testimony of living and speaking for Jesus, visit Ambassadors.


Weekly Cycle of Prayer 2018  Download  

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