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/ 3 October 2018

New movie about transatlantic dialogue on the environment launches in London

Tri Robinson, Environmentalist and US Pastor with his family

Diocesan Environmental expert advises on film about protecting environment

“People are thinking of themselves, of their own lifetime. They’re not thinking of their descendants, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and what’s going to be handed off and left to them. Long as it’s okay for me, then I’m good.”

Tri Robinson, US Environmentalist and Evangelical Pastor.

This multiple award-winning feature film aims to engage with American audiences on environmental challenges.  Already before its UK launch in October 2018, it has received a Hollywood premiere and multiple film festival screenings in the USA.

Cowboy & Preacher: the Life and Times of Tri Robinson was directed and produced by Will Fraser, an award-winning film maker who is also Director of Music at St Peter’s Vauxhall.  Candid and thought-provoking in its tone and content, the film has been several years in the making.  While developing it, Will Fraser sought advice from a variety of people and organisations on its philosophy and communication style, including from Brian Cuthbertson, Head of Environment and Sustainability in the Diocese of London.

The most pressing issues of today are universally deep and far reaching, and beg the question:

“Are we leaving our children and grandchildren a degraded world whose stewardship we have carelessly squandered?”

Will Fraser, Director of Cowboy & Preacher.

Cowboy & Preacher shows, from the point of view of Tri Robinson, a conservative Christian pastor, that Christianity and environmental stewardship go hand in hand and in fact reinforce each other. Indeed, through the film’s stunning images of America’s wild-west scenery, we come face to face with the glories of Creation and the obvious importance of the environment.

The film shows not only what Christians and environmentalists can find in common, but that each can learn from the other and bring about transformational change. This film calls confident and emboldened Christians to share their convictions with neighbouring environmentalists.  It shows environmentalists the ways in which Christians can engage with environmentalism as part of their existing moral framework.

The film’s UK Preview and fundraiser is to take place at a private event in Westminster, 17th October at 7pm. To attend this exclusive event please contact Will Fraser.

Ten days later comes an opportunity to meet both the Director and Tri Robinson himself who will preach at St Peter’s Church, Vauxhall, 310 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY on Sunday 28th October at 6.30pm. Find out more here or just turn up on the day.

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