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/ 19 November 2019

Church Planting for Children, Families and Young People

The Diocese of London is launching a new primer course in partnership with The Gregory Centre exploring church planting models specifically designed for under-30s and family units.

A key driver of growth in the Diocese of London over many years has been church planting and fresh expressions. We have seen incredible creativity as new congregations have sprung up, revitalising churches and creating new expressions of church that have enabled new people to connect with church in a way that suits them. However, with the exception of Messy Church, very few of these have been targeted at children, families or young people. To reach new people we must be open to fresh ideas and leading from the Spirit in how we do church with them; there needs to be space for fresh creativity.

Who is the course for?

This course – launched by the Diocese of London Children and Youth Team, Capital Youth and The Gregory Centre – opens a new route for those who would like to explore church planting. Anyone can attend; Clergy or lay, paid or voluntary youth or children’s workers. All you need is a heart to reach new people and a willingness to engage creatively in what that might look like.

What’s covered?

Attendees will work together to explore what church for younger ages could look like and form ideas into plans, then join with delegates on The Church Planting Course to put these plans into action. These two days will also prepare you to join the standard Church Planting Course, ready to go.

Attendees can expect to develop lots of different ideas that may be based in places other than church buildings. Plants might grow to reach hundreds of people, but you may feel called to a model where a smaller size allows for deeper relationships.

The two-day course will cover:

  • Why Plant? Models from the Bible
  • What is church? Models of ecclesiology
  • Stories and case studies on children, youth & family-based churches
  • Lego Serious Play
  • Who can plant a church?
  • How to get started

For those in the Diocese of London completion of the church planting course will enable you to access ‘New Worshiping Communities’ funding to ensure you have the resources to launch well and make the best possible start.

The first course will take place on 15 January and 4 March at Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street.

Sign up for the course on Eventbrite here.

About Levi Phillips

Levi is the Creative Lead for Growing Younger, a priority of the 2030 Vision for churches in the Diocese of London. Levi is part of the Children & Youth Support team, volunteers in youth ministry and leads worship at his local church. Levi completed a degree in Applied Theology before working in marketing and design in the corporate space, bringing both worlds together in his current role.

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