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/ 14 February 2017

So your church needs more money?

Fundraising concepts for any church

Ahead of the next Parish Fundraising Workshop in Willesden on 21 February, Carol Ward, the Parish Fundraising Manager shares information about the fundraising support already available from the London Diocesan Fund.

Fundraising, or so it seems to me, is one of those things you either love – and therefore embrace whole-heartedly, or hate – and do anything you can to avoid it.

The one thing I feel most people would agree on is that fundraising isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, especially in light of the recent public concern about how charities and those that work for them raise monies.

As a MInstF (full member of the Institute of Fundraising) and the Parish Fundraising Manager for the LDF, it is my role to share best practise with our 400 plus parishes, helping to raise the level of fundraising knowledge in all churches across the Diocese and create a process where this knowledge can be retained and used to maximum effect by the parish.

One of the ways the fundraising team do this is by organising Parish Fundraising Workshops in each of the episcopal areas. These are evenings of expert advice with sessions on:

  • The benefits of the parish giving scheme.
  • How to plan a successful parish capital campaign.
  • Launching a legacy campaign in your church.

Our next Fundraising Workshop is for the Willesden area on 21 February at St Gabriel’s, Cricklewood. More information is available and anyone interested in attending is asked to sign up via Eventbrite to reserve a place.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to meet with either the Finance Advisor for the Willesden area or a member of the LDF fundraising team between 6pm and 7pm (before the evening kicks off) to discuss a particular issue. If this is something you would be interested in, please also book this via our Eventbrite page and we will be in touch to confirm a time.

This is the fifth workshop we have run in the Diocese and previous feedback has been very positive. One attendee in Stepney said:

“… workshops were well organised, speakers were well versed on their topics. Overall it was beneficial. Have a better understanding about the idea of fundraising.”

Apart from our Parish Fundraising Workshops we also offer a whole range of digital online resources.

Including information about:

And finally, another top tip:

Fundraising can sometimes seem like a necessary evil – especially if your church or parish is suddenly facing a major fundraising drive – maybe after the most recent QI report has suddenly identified a previously unknown issue (like the roof church, which might collapse or a church hall that has been condemned!)

Introducing and nurturing a fundraising culture before times such as these, means that you and your church family are better equipped to face a challenge such as this. You may have also been able to identify local people (and not just those in your church family) who have the necessary skills, passion and commitment to join your fundraising team.

Carol Ward (MInstF), Parish Fundraising Manager for the London Diocesan Fund is a fully-fledged member of the Institute of Fundraising and can be emailed. See the dedicated pages for further help on fundraising, or follow us on twitter using the handle @fundmychurch.

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