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/ 20 March 2018

Being a Christian witness on the tube

The Tube. In rush hour.

Not the place that many would actively choose to be!

Surrounded by tired, stressed and sometimes very sweaty individuals! I often find myself wedged between the closing doors and someone’s armpit or face.

It is not a place of tranquillity and peace from which I can show people the love of God, is it?

I spend a lot of my time on public transport as I travel around London for my jobs.

I continually wonder what it is that makes me different to others, from the person falling asleep sat opposite me in a carriage, to the person frustratingly invading my, ahem, personal space in the crowds or anyone else I pass on my way to my places of work.

In my life, being a Christian has affected me most in ways that you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at me.

My faith in Jesus and His transformation in my heart and mind, makes a dramatic difference to my own life and those I love the most and am closest to, but what is it that makes me different to those I interact with or even just make eye contact with every day?

I am not a sociable person when I travel as I just want to get through the experience and out the other side without too much stress.

But what if I can do something in that chaotic and exasperating place that would be a reflection of Jesus?

Would that even make a difference?

Does it even matter in the grand scheme of life?

From what I know and believe of Jesus, I believe it does.

Jesus’ time on Earth was filled with the seemingly small, yet turning out to be, significant moments.

Jesus cared for those that no-one considered, Jesus spoke to those who others didn’t register and he loved those who others labelled “unlovable”.

The reality is that things that are small are significant.

So for me, as a Christian, walking around busy London, the part of me that I hope stands out, is that I would consider others as Jesus did; that I remind people of the identity that God bestows on them and that I offer peace and understanding that the Holy Spirit provides.

I am not saying that you will find me standing in the middle of a Tube carriage preaching the gospel at the top of my lungs, but what I do hope is that I will be doing the unseen, small things that might make a big difference in people’s lives.

To me, this looks like smiling at someone whose child is screaming and drawing attention or enduring however many stops slightly closer to people than I would like so that the overtly anxious business woman can squeeze on or offering to help tourists who look completely bamboozled by the whole Underground system – these seemingly small things, I believe, are the sparks of hope that provide glimpses of God in everyday places.

So as you travel or move about your day today, keep a look out for the sparks that you could create to show Jesus.

This was written by Jessica Rodewald, formerly of the Capital Vision AmbassadorsTeam. 

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