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/ 25 March 2014

Changing Faculties

There are a number of changes currently taking place to the Faculty system for authorising works to church buildings. The basic process remains the same:

  1. Advice from the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)
  2. Notification of Advice from the DAC followed by display of public notices
  3. Petition to the Diocesan Chancellor using the faculty forms.

However, the legal rules governing the details of how the faculty system works have been simplified. These changes have been instigated by the Church Buildings Council with the intention of making faculty applications easier for the applicant.

As part of this the faculty forms have been reduced in size and are now available electronically online.

It is now possible to fill them in on screen, although for the time being you will still have to print them out for signing. Full instructions will be provided when you apply to the DAC (stage 1. Above), which you should do before filling in the forms.

Very soon we will also be trialling an online application form. This will enable you to submit everything to the DAC electronically, and should help to enable you to get your application right first time.

Later this year there will be further changes, giving Archdeacons greater powers to grant faculties in certain cases, without the need to make a formal petition to the Chancellor.

We will send out a more detailed note explaining this in due course; in the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Parish Property Support Team.

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