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/ 15 July 2015

Diocesan synod elections update after voting

Voting recently took place for Diocesan Synod membership in nine houses.

/ 24 June 2015

Diocesan synod elections update

The nomination period for the Diocesan Synod elections has ended. Monica Bolley provides an update on the current situation: voting is required in nine houses and some deaneries will be unrepresented.

/ 28 November 2014

Guidance to dioceses and parishes on campaigning during an election period

Part 2 of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 amends the legislation which applies to campaigners who are not political parties or candidates during an election period. In certain circumstances, “third-party campaigners” (i.e. people or organisations who are engaged in political campaigning but are not political parties) are required to register with the Electoral Commission.


/ 12 November 2014

Stepney Area Council By-Election – December 2014

A Clerical By-Election to Stepney Area Council in the Diocese is currently taking place. Fully completed nomination forms should be returned by Friday 19 December, at 12 noon.

/ 15 July 2014

General Synod vote on women bishops

I welcome yesterday’s vote of the General Synod to permit women to be bishops not least because it will liberate our energies to pursue our Gospel ministry and mission. The Synod has agreed a Measure and a House of Bishops’ Declaration that will allow us to move forward in mutual trust, where those of all opinions can flourish in one Church of England.

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