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/ 24 July 2014

Work from the Property Review gathers momentum

In January 2012 we commissioned a review of our property-related functions to ensure that the Diocese can meet the challenges of Capital Vision. 57 recommendations were agreed by Bishop’s Council in November 2012. Significant progress has been made since then, and the majority of the recommendations will be implemented by the end of 2014. Find out what has changed and what this means for you.

/ 31 March 2014

Church Maintenance Support Officer recognised for role in bringing metal theft gang to justice

Matthew Cooper, Church Maintenance Support Officer in the Diocese of London and previously the Diocese of Lincoln, has won the exceptional rural initiative prize in the National Metal Theft Taskforce Awards Ceremony for helping to bring to justice a group of criminals who had been stripping church roofs of their lead.

/ 26 September 2013

Inspecting church hired premises after use

A reminder to check your church premises thoroughly before locking up.

/ 28 June 2013

Property Review update

An update following last year’s review of the Property Department.

/ 25 March 2013

LDF Property Review

Work is continuing following the review of our property functions. New staff are also being recruited.

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