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Members of staff talk about how their work helps to support the mission and ministry of the Diocese of London and what it’s like to work for the London Diocesan Fund (LDF).

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Olivia Malhotra, Kensington Area Administrator
/ 2 May 2017

Meet Olivia Malhotra, Kensington Area Administrator

Meet Olivia Malhotra, the Kensington Area Administrator based at the Bishop of Kensington’s Area Office in Twickenham.

Carol Ward, parish fundraising manager
/ 14 July 2016

Help with parish fundraising

Carol Ward joins the London Diocesan Fund as parish fundraising manager, and explains how she can help churches develop their fundraising campaigns.

Monica Bolley
/ 17 May 2016

Meet Monica Bolley, Synodical Secretary

Monica Bolley is Synodical Secretary for the LDF and is responsible for many aspects of governance. Here she talks about working in an environment that inspires her.

Colin Lovell
/ 17 May 2016

Meet Colin Lovell, Programme Management Officer

Colin Lovell discusses his work as Programme Management Officer in the Strategic Development Team, and how his role affects the work of the Diocese of London, and what it is like to work for the LDF.

/ 17 May 2016

Meet Jenny Barnard, Apprenticeship Project Coordinator

Jenny Barnard works in our Children and Youth team, running our apprenticeship scheme for youth and children’s workers. She talks about working for the LDF.

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