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/ 26 September 2013

Inspecting church hired premises after use

A reminder to check your church premises thoroughly before locking up.

/ 17 September 2013

Finding Funding: Grants for Church Buildings

Finding funding far from fun? Here’s a brief introduction, and a helpful directory to get you going.

/ 7 August 2013

Opening our church buildings to those who walk by

London’s churches are as varied as London’s communities. Through being an open presence in the midst of London our buildings bear a welcoming witness to the Christian faith to all who enter them. Together we can work to present a new face to the eyes of

/ 4 June 2013

Reordering at St John Hillingdon

How the reordering at St John’s has led to the increased use of the building.

/ 12 April 2013

Turning up the heat

Church heating leaving you cold? The DAC thinks it’s time to take this hot topic off the back burner.

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