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/ 25 April 2022

Let my people go

Fr Joseph Fernandez explains how Gypsies and Travellers are a legally recognised ethnic minority group, but that they are often misunderstood.

/ 25 April 2022

Bible Festival held at St Andrew’s Primary School

The Revd Erica Wilding shares about the Bible Festival held at their local primary school in Uxbridge. 

/ 22 April 2022

Bishops’ Easter Messages Delivered Across London Press

London’s Bishops have delivered their Easter messages across the Diocese, with the themes of hope and optimism threading through all.

/ 14 April 2022

Chrism Eucharist sermon 2022

The sermon preached by Bishop Sarah on Maundy Thursday, 14 April 2022.  ‘The six weeks of Lent is a journey we travel together … Read more

/ 12 April 2022

“Don’t agonise, organise”: London’s faith & community leaders meet to discuss city’s health inequalities

Leaders from across London’s faith communities joined together at East London Mosque, Whitechapel for a Town Hall event as part of the Bishop of London’s Health Inequalities Action Group.

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