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/ 22 March 2022

Willesden Area Council By-Elections – March 2022

By-Elections to the Willesden Area Council are taking place.

/ 12 January 2022

Area Council By-Elections 2022

By-Elections to the Two Cities, Stepney and Edmonton Area Councils are taking place.

/ 24 November 2021

Vacancy in See Committee elections 2021 

Following the election of a new Diocesan Synod, members of Synod are required to elect representatives to the Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee.

/ 14 October 2021

General Synod Election Results

Congratulations to the successful candidates on their election. The documents at the base of the page are the signed return of the elections … Read more

/ 17 September 2021

General Synod elections 2021: candidates

The names and election addresses for the 2021 General Synod Elections

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