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/ 20 March 2013

Foodbanks make life more bearable

Willesden Area churches help turn water into wine (well squash or fruit juice at least).

/ 28 February 2013

New Tottenham Hale development partnership

The Diocese of London teams up with Newlon Fusion to drive community development in Tottenham Hale.

/ 27 February 2013

Bond to help house community workers

New bond launched to bring community workers to the most deprived estates in the capital.

/ 14 January 2013

Bog standard response to poverty?

Thanks to contributions from staff at Diocesan House the Diocese has been able to provide two toilets and hygiene education for a community in Bangladesh and DRC.

/ 15 November 2011

Near Neighbours initiative launched

The Bishop of London joins the Secretary of State to launch new community initiative.

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