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/ 24 July 2013

Doubling the number of our young people

Doubling the number of young people involved in our local Christian communities could sound ridiculous. But then you get thinking. And then you start to wonder if we could do actually this…

/ 28 June 2013

How can we teach children the un-teachable?

How do we teach children about a God who is beyond understanding? Sam Donoghue argues the answer is to facilitate encounter with Him not education about him.

/ 26 June 2013

What will we do with the grown ups?

All age services are a brilliant way of putting children at the heart of a faith community but have we thought enough of the adults?

/ 11 April 2013

Boring, biscuits, boring (part two)

Meaning, community and God. More parts of the antidote to boring church.

/ 28 March 2013

Boring, boring, boring, biscuits, boring, boring…

When we ask children what was bad about our church services, the word we most heard was ‘boring’. What’s the solution to this?

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