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/ 6 June 2014

Moshi Monsters, MI High and multi-player madness

Think back to when you were a child. What things did you like then? Whatever you were into, it’s likely that children today will like similar things, yet, the world children live in is different now from the 70s, 80s, 90s or whenever you were a child. How much do you know about the cultural landscape they’re growing up in?

/ 30 May 2014

A deeper investment

Life as a children’s worker is often filled with church services, community events and rooms full of children. These are important and exciting parts of our role, but what impact might an intentional connection with individual children and their support network make on their lives?

/ 23 May 2014

Does God wear trousers?

Is there more to children’s tangential questions than we think? How do we allow children to explore their faith more deeply, and discover God truthfully, whilst allowing them to maintain the natural curiosity, naivety and spontaneity of childhood?

/ 15 May 2014

The problem with boys…

For those of you with only girls in your group, here are some rather tame examples of what boys are capable of: making fart noises, hip-thrusting the air during the sung worship and drawing a dragon instead of Jesus in the response time. How can we harness this energy, create a community and help them meet God?

/ 9 May 2014

All Kinds of Everything

When I think of my group at church, I automatically assess them on how well they behave. I dread the sessions when the children who never listen turn up, because I know what I’ve planned to do will either get derailed or take twice as long to get through.

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